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Our [Comfort Zone] specialist is available for complimentary skincare consultations to advise on the best products for your skin type and condition to achieve the best results.

Call 01738 248100 or Facebook  us to arrange.

  • The Ultimate anti-Ageing Facial - Sublime Skin- 45 mins - £45

    A state of the art ultimate anti-ageing facial combines an Archi-lift technology with the renewing effects of the double peel for an instant re-plumping effect.  Ideal for mature skin with visible signs of ageing, this firming facial stimulates cellular regeneration using the exclusive active lift massage techniques to smooth and tone skin.

  • Hydramemory - Intensive Hydration - 30 mins - £35 

    A deep hydrating facial treatment for face, neck and dellocate to replace moisture.  The hydra balance of the skin is restored and the skin is beautifully luminous and toned with a fresh, youthful complexion.

  • Nourish and Repair - Recovery Touch - 30 mins - £35

    A powerful anti-oxidant and vitamin rich facial treatment featuring goji berry which deeply repairs and replenishes while soothing and nourishing the skin, particularly recommended for dry, skin and offers seasonal repair for damaged skin following exposure to extreme heat/cold temperatures.

  • Tranquility Ritual - 30 mins - £30

    A unique sensorial and aromatic well-being ritual for the face and body aimed at favouring complete relaxation of mind and body.  Experience a profound sense of well-being that results in relaxation and visible, oxygenated, luminous and nourished skin.

  • Foot Specialists - 30 mins - £28

    A quick and extremely effective treatment to renew and smooth the hard, calloused skin of the feet, leaving them soft, refreshed and nourished.  Using disposable pads soaked in glycolic and lactic acid, this treatment will renew the feet in a physiological, non-invasive experience.

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